Bachelor Degree Programs Overview

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees are designed to enhance the occupational/technical education provided by an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degree program.  Where the AAS or AAT degree prepares students in technical disciplines, GMC's BAS degree programs are designed to prepare students for career advancement opportunities and supervisory and management roles in their technical or occupational field.

GMC offers a BAS in Business Management and a BAS in Supervision and Management.  The Business Management degree program is designed for students who have earned an AAS degree in a business related program.  The Supervision and Management degree program is designed for students who have earned an AAS or AAT degree in a technical/occupational non-business related program.

Both programs are offered online and in a traditional classroom environment.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Program FAQs

1. Q.  What can I do with a BAS degree?

A. Whatever your technical area of expertise, this degree will help prepare you to be a manager or supervisor within your field.  For example, if you have an AAS in electronics technology, earning a BAS in Supervision and Management can provide you with the knowledge needed to advance into a maintenance manager’s position or operate your own electrical contractor business.

2. Q.  Why should I be interested in the BAS program?

A.   Organizations and businesses are seeking skilled managers and supervisors. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in business management and supervision can help those in the job market attain those skills.  In addition, current employees who earned an AAS or AAT degree oftentimes find themselves in need of a bachelor’s degree in order to advance or get a desired promotion. The BAS degree can be the solution to these dilemmas by allowing you to build on your technical degree to earn a bachelor’s in Business Management or Supervision and Management.  Traditionally, bachelor degrees make students more marketable, and oftentimes they open doors to higher earning potential.

3. Q.  Will all my AAS/AAT course credits transfer?

A. Students discover that most of their AAS/AAT course credits will not transfer into a traditional Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.  However, with GMC’s BAS degrees, most courses will transfer, and in many cases, students find that all courses transfer. It is important to keep in mind that the BAS degree has been created for and is tailored to fit the needs of AAS/AAT graduates. GMC does a thorough review of the AAS/AAT coursework and works in conjunction with experts in those fields from accredited technical colleges to make sure that every course that can transfer, in fact, does. With that being said, students may be required to complete some additional courses to meet GMC's degree requirements.

4. Q.   If I have an AAS/AAT degree, how long will it take to complete the BAS degree?

A. As with all degree programs, this varies; however, five to six quarters if full-time. The number of quarters will vary based upon the number of your AAS/AAT course credits that transfer into the degree program, as well as how many courses students wish to take per term.

5. Q.   What are the admission requirements to get into this program?

A. Your AAS or AAT degree is all you need!  NOTE: The Associate of Applied Science in General Studies and the Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies do not qualify for the BAS degree programs.

6. Q.  Is this program online or face-to-face?

A. These degree programs are offered both online and face-to-face.  At this time, the face-to-face courses are offered through the GMC Augusta Campus only.

7. Q. For which degree program am I eligible?

A. If your AAS/AAT degree is in a business related field, you would qualify for the BAS in Business Management.  The Supervision and Management degree program is designed for students who have earned an AAS or AAT degree in a technical/occupational non-business related program.

8. What do I need to do to get started?

A. The first thing you will need to do is visit the Georgia Military College website at  The apply now button in the top-right corner will link you to the online web application.  You will also need to make arrangements to have your official AAS/AAT degree transcripts sent to Georgia Military College from your institution.  You may also call 478-387-4950.