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The Associate of Applied Science in Forensic Laboratory Technology degree program is designed to prepare students for entry positions in forensic science or supporting roles. Students will discuss the role of science in criminal investigation, demonstrate proper techniques of observing and documenting a crime scene, and collect, process, analyze, and evaluate forensic evidence using appropriate laboratory techniques in the modern crime laboratory.


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Forensic Science Technicians
Forensic science technicians aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence.
Forensic Medical Examiner
Studies the organs, cells, tissues and bodily fluids of a deceased individual. They may also consider other information gathered from the deceased body to determine the manner and cause of death.
Crime Scene Investigator
Employed by law enforcement agencies or coroner's offices to help identify and preserve evidence from crime scenes.

What You Will Learn


Discuss the role of science in criminal investigation


Demonstrate proper techniques of observing and documenting a crime scene


Collect, process, analyze, and evaluate forensic evidence using appropriate laboratory techniques in the modern crime laboratory

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Concentration Courses

CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice I 5qh

This course is a general overview of the American criminal justice system. Each of the major components (police, courts, and corrections) will be examined.

CRJ 201 Criminal Investigation

This course introduces the student to the techniques of criminal investigation to include, crime scene, search and recording, collection and preservation of evidence, scientific aids, modus operandi, sources of information, and interviewing witnesses.

BIO 103 Medical Terminology

This course is a study of the meanings and origins of medical and scientific terminology to include relevant medical and biological abbreviations and symbols. This course includes basic vocabulary to facilitate understanding and use of terminology in courses required for pre-professional degrees such as Pre-nursing and for other medically related fields.

BIO 140 Forensic Biotechnology

The course is an overview of the study and application of science to the processes of criminal law. This course will focus on collection and preservation, examination, evaluation and interpretation of evidence. Special emphasis is devoted to the significance of physical evidence, chemical, physical and biological principles of the scientific techniques employed, and the capabilities and limitations of the forensic sciences.

Lecture 4.5 hours; Laboratory 1.5 hours.

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About This Program

The AAS in Forensic Laboratory Technology degree program is designed to prepare students for entry into the workforce or admission into programs in forensic biology. Forensic lab techs are responsible for analyzing biological evidence as it relates to legal and other investigations, collecting and processing evidence at a crime scene or in a laboratory, and working in a team with other scientists. Students will complete a curriculum with the theoretical backgrounds, practical skills, and scientific techniques utilized in modern crime laboratories. Students will demonstrate skills required of laboratory technologists in criminal investigations through forensic pathology, biological chemistry, human identification and anthropology, molecular biology, and examination of physical evidence.

Degree Program Coordinator

Debra Murray,

Program Benefits

“Current employment gaps in forensic science are often attributed to a lack of proper education and workforce training.  Positive labor market projections and promising job postings data show an increasing need for forensic professionals.  From 2015 to 2019, the number of forensic science-related associate and bachelor’s degree programs in Georgia remained small.  In Georgia, the Southeast region, and nation, employment in forensic-related positions is expected to grow at above-average rates over the next several years.  Projections indicate a particularly favorable outlook for regional and national forensic science employment, which is expected to grow more than twice as fast as employment across all occupations (Projections Central).

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