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Thank you for choosing Georgia Military College! I am excited that GMC is your college of choice. GMC was first founded in 1879, and while it stems from a military background of “Duty, Honor, and Country,” only 2% of the student body participates in the Corps of Cadets at the Main Campus in Milledgeville. The majority of GMC’s students commute to one of its 12 community college campuses across the state of Georgia or choose to participate online through GMC’s Global Online Leadership College. GMC ensures that all our students experience a college atmosphere and curriculum focused on character, ethics, and leadership skills regardless of location or course modality. We pride ourselves on offering an academic curriculum steeped in “Character Above All” from our First Year Experience program to teaching important workforce skills in our core courses like critical thinking, written communication, quantitative literacy, global competency, and problem-solving, along with the content of your major.

GMC’s #1 Initiative is to “Contribute to Student Success.” We are here to guide you in your academic journey. Each of you will have professional advisors or success coaches to assist you with identifying a major, planning the goals you want to achieve, and helping you stay on the path to graduation. Our faculty members bring expertise in each subject area to the classroom, but they also focus on the Community College experience. So, while all classes have rules and responsibilities that you must follow as stated in the syllabi and College Catalog, we strive to answer your questions, assist you when you need that extra help, and direct you to the many services that our college offers. GMC offers free tutoring for every student and provides Academic Success Coaches who offer guidance in areas like time management, test-taking skills, and stress reduction. All you have to do is take advantage of what GMC offers, and always ask questions or ask for assistance when needed.

GMC has traditionally offered Associate (two-year) degrees for its students who want to graduate and then transfer into a four-year college or university, and we have Transfer Agreements to allow you to transfer your credits from GMC to these other colleges. GMC also offers four-year “Bachelors of Applied Science” degrees for employees currently in the workforce or students wanting to enter the workforce with advanced technical experience in a variety of fields.

GMC strives to provide, “Education Your Way.” We realize that you may need a format that fits the demands of your life. GMC provides traditional in-seat classes at our campuses, as well as professionally developed online courses through our Global Online Leadership College. We also offer hybrid courses, which feature a mixture of in-seat and online learning; and even remote learning courses, which feature a professor teaching the course and interacting with students live in a classroom, which students may remote into from another campus. You can take advantage of a variety of these educational formats to fit your lifestyle and achieve your goal.

Your future is in your hands, and GMC provides you the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and flexibility to reach success and achieve your goals.


Dr. Susan Isaac,
Senior Vice President, Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Faculty
Georgia Military College


Academic Affairs Directory

Dr. Susan Isaac, Senior Vice President, Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Faculty (478) 387-4785
Dr. Chris Babb, VP of Junior College Academics (478) 387-1929
Ms. Tara Chachulski, Administration Coordinator (478) 387-4749
Mr. Blair Dietrich, VP Academic Policy and Program Development (478) 387-4793
Dr. Athea Vanzant, Director, Center of Teaching and Learning (478) 387-7195
Dr. Tracey Makley, VP Institutional Research and Effectiveness (478) 387-4863
Dr. N. Josiah Pamoja, VP Faculty Affairs and Academic Success (678) 846-9632
Mr. John Sheeley, VP Student Services and Accreditation (Institutional Dean of Students) (478) 387-4890
Dr. Jeff Wells, VP Online Academics, Global Online Leadership College (478) 387-1921
Mrs. Lisa McCollum, Registrar (478) 387-4888
Mrs. Erin Newton, Director of Library Services (487) 387-4729
Ms. Amber Warren, Director of Admissions, Operations and Budget (478) 387-4887
Mr. Charles Wells, Director of Disability Services (478) 387-4902



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We’ve been educating bright minds for well over a century. That’s why a degree from GMC means more than just a great education. It means success.