Awards and Recognition


In line with GMC’s vision 2029 to establish itself as a nationally recognized leader providing a character-based higher education, our college continues to receive praise for providing an environment conducive to the development of educated citizens and contributing members of society.


GMC Employee of the Year 2024

Donna Bradley

Director of Student Accounting

Nominees: Ashley Bunn, Brian Humphrey, Daltan Jaworski, Jennifer Giovanni, Ken Dranks, Morgan Gaither, Nancy Bergeron, Natonya Moss, & Shavon Bolden


Authentic Servant Leader of the Year

Morgan Burgamy

Graduation Coach: Main

Nominees: Anna Mullen, Ben Wheatley, Donna Bradley, Lauren Hall, Leland Ready, & Tracey Makley

College Educator of the Year

Brian Butts

College Faculty, Main Campus

Nominees: Heyward Washington, Kelly Weems, Nathan Sweigart, Susan Santicola, Tiffany James, & Will Spates

Adjunct Educator of the Year

Charmisse Morency

Adjunct Faculty

Nominees: David Long, Harlen Williams JR, Jack Shepherd, Larry Green, Peter Powell, & Todd Kline.

Elementary Teacher of the Year

Cheryl Weaver

Prep School Faculty

Middle School Teacher of the Year

Vanna Ruth Stone 

Prep School Faculty

Back-to-Back Winner!

High School Teacher of the Year

Kristen Owen

Prep School Faculty

Pinnacle Performance Department

Financial Aid team

Back-to-Back Winner!

Magnificence Among Main Campus

Custodial Team

All-Star Dream Team- Dynamic Duo

Dr. Audrey Redmond & Mary Spears

All-Star Dream Team- Graduation Team

Main Campus

All-Star Dream Team- Enrollment Team

Main Campus

All-Star Dream Team- Collaborative Support Team

Daltan Jaworski & Celes Mason

All-Star Dream Team- Cadet/Athlete Support Team

Commandant Team