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JC Drama Club Presents Characters, Inc.

The community came out in support of the GMC Drama Club on Saturday evening, February 27, as they performed Characters, Inc., a collection of short plays written by Amy Zipperer GMC Assistant Professor of English and Drama Club Advisor and Eddie Zipperer, and directed by Amy Zipperer. Featuring an ensemble cast of actors, all students at GMC, the individual plays and corresponding actors are listed below. The Banana Trial Written By Eddie Zipperer Millie – Meredith McMahan Jojo – Adam Autry Dr. Cameron – Jennifer Bonner Dr. Walters – Tony Bullard Mr. Compatible Written By Amy Zipperer Girl – Caitlin Pendley Eric Porkbelly Martin – Joshua Sullivan Characters, Inc. Written By Amy Zipperer Sarah – Jessie Clement Ruth – Krystynna Ransom RogerMan – Stefan Jones Shopper – Chiquita Boyer Wine, Candles, and Anthrax Written By Eddie Zipperer Rachel – Krystynna Ransom Drew – Bradley Adams Voice – Tony Bullard