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United States Air Force Academy Adds GMC as Affiliated Preparatory School

United States Air Force Academy adds Georgia Military College as an Affiliated Preparatory School

General Caldwell, President of GMC, and General Rauhut, Vice President of GMC, stand with the Falcon Foundation during their visit to Georgia Military College

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) has selected Georgia Military College (GMC) as an affiliated preparatory school for students deserving to earn an appointment to the Academy. Currently, GMC is an affiliated preparatory school for the United States Military Academy – West Point, the United States Coast Guard Academy, and the United States Naval Academy – Annapolis. In the fall of 2019, Georgia Military College will be an affiliated preparatory school for four of the five United States Service Academies.

As an affiliated preparatory school, GMC will prepare candidates selected by any Service Academy for the academic, physical, military, and character development skills they will need to be successful when they attend a Service Academy.

Colonel Nelson Kraft, Executive Director of the GMC Milledgeville campus, says Georgia Military College’s mission reflects the mission of each of the Service Academies for their students.

“The Air Force core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, aligns perfectly with the mission of Georgia Military College and our Corps of Cadets in developing men and women of character, capable of sound analysis and critical thinking, and committed to being a servant leader for their communities and country,” Kraft said.

President of Georgia Military College, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, says GMC is equipped to prepare young men and women to attend a service academy.

“We truly believe in our programs in our Corps of Cadets as being the best possible preparation to attend and be successful at any of our U.S. Service Academies,” Caldwell said. “It is a distinct honor that the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy and now the U.S. Air Force Academy all recognize our program as the best preparation to ensure success at our Service Academies. We look forward to continuing to develop men and women of character and service to others, along with exceptional intellect.” 

Georgia Military College will welcome United States Air Force Academy Preparatory students in the fall of 2019.