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Juvenile Court Probation Officer Speaks to GMC-Augusta Students

Juvenile Court Probation Officer, William Hickmon, Speaks to GMC-Augusta Students

Ask any of Professor Sam Akers’ Criminal Justice students if they are unsure about the available career options in the field of Criminal Justice and they should answer emphatically, “No.”  Criminal justice opportunities abound and Professor Akers makes sure that his students are well-aware.  On February 19, Mr. William Hickmon, a Probation Officer for the Columbia County- Georgia Juvenile Court System presented to Professor Akers’ class.

Mr. Hickmon talked to students about his military and law enforcement background and current position.  In explaining his role as a probation officer, Hickmon also detailed how this court system is composed and individual levels of involvement.  Mr. Hickmon works directly with children up to 17 years of age who have committed various offenses, putting measures in place to help them improve their behavior and their future.

He says, “I love my job because I get the opportunity to help young people.” In cases where the juvenile is not motivated to change, Hickman is not shy about saying, “lock’em up.”  In the Juvenile Justice system, there exists a fine line of compassion and accountability, but the possibility of reaching even one child makes this career choice worthwhile.

Thank you, Mr. Hickmon and Professor Akers for providing our students with another example of how they can Start Here and Go Anywhere while helping and inspiring others to do the same!