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Urgent Need

GMC Family Responds to Urgent Need

Milledgeville, GA) September 2, 2005 – Laura Estes, Georgia Military College Business Office employee, left at noon today to travel to Hattiesburg, MS, to check on her family. Her parents, her step-sister, her husband’s parents and his sister, have all been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Laura does not know where her step-sister and her nine children are, only that they did not leave their home (in Biloxi, MS) before the hurricane. She believes her parents are okay but said she needs to see for herself. Although she will be traveling alone, she doesn’t mind as it provided more room for the mound of supplies that GMC seventh graders collected for her family. Laura expressed her sincere gratitude to the group this morning and tearfully told them, “I cannot express enough my appreciation to all of you. It means so much not only to me but to my family and my husband’s family. Believe me the whole region is going to know where the supplies came from. I have my GMC magnets on the car and will have my GMC flags flying from the windows. Everyone will know how much you care. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.” LTC Pam Grant, GMC Prep School Assistant Principal, told Laura that the school has even more planned to assist her family. If you would like to contribute to help Laura Estes’ family, please contact LTC Pam Grant, 478-445-2725 or Ms. Sandra Avant, GMC Business Affairs, 478-445-2670.