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Prep Students Winners in Regional Technology Fair

Georgia Military College Prep School hosted the Regional Technology Fair on January 27, 2010. Participating schools included Jasper County Middle School, Jasper County High School, Piedmont Academy, Putnam Middle School, Washington Park Elementary, Carson Middle School, Washington County High School, Ridge Road Elementary, and GMC. The following GMC prep students received first place honors and will compete in the Georgia State Technology Fair in March: Josh Brown (10th grade) – Digital Video Production; Ethan Amason (10th) – 3D Modeling; Taylor Bedingfield (10th) – Animated Graphic Design; Jenny Brown (10th) – Multi-Media; Tyler Easterly (10th) – Digital Photography; Cory Thrower (11th) and Skylar Walker(11th) – Digital Video Production. The following GMC prep students received second place honors: Amy Folendore (10th) and Leanna Harbor (10th) – Digital Video Production; John Robert Grant (10th) and Nolan Baugh (10th) – Animated Graphic Design; Justin Parham (10th) and Ray Mosley (10th ) – Digital Photography; Haylee Chambers (10th) and Murphy Dunn (10th) – Non-Multimedia; Casey Tran (10th) – 3D Modeling. Tyler Easterly placed first for the 10th grade and Skylar Walker placed first for the 11th grade in the “Technology Literacy Challenge.” They will compete at the state level in March. Pictured: 1st place winners: Front Row (Left to Right) Ethan Amason Jenny Brown Tyler Easterly Josh Brown Back Row ( Left to Right) Skylar Walker Cory Thrower Taylor Bedingfield 2nd place winners: Front Row ( Left to Right) Nolan Baugh Amy Folendore Murphie Dunn Haylee Chambers Leanna Harbor Back Row ( Left to Right) John Robert Grant Casey Tran Justin Parham Ray Mosley