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Phil Whigham Published in Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History

(Milledgeville, GA) March 10, 2005 – Phil Whigham, Professor of History at Georgia Military College, has just had an article published in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, (copyright 2005). The Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, as described in its website, “is the first truly encyclopedic reference work of world history, a work that will define and unify the field, a work that will be used by students, teachers, and scholars to explore—and explain—the panorama of our shared history as humans. This new encyclopedia has been designed and organized specifically to provide understanding of human connections and human webs over time and around the globe. Both students and teachers at the high school and college levels will turn to this definitive reference work to provide a connected, holistic view of world history, the story of humans and their place on earth.”

Professor Whigham’s article in the Encyclopedia is on “Buddhism.” He has had a lifelong interest in the study and practice of Buddhism. Professor Whigham stated that he was thrilled when asked to contribute an article on this topic, “I’ve always wanted to help others understand the vast history and geographical scope of Buddhism, and this article was a great opportunity to do just that.” Professor Whigham’s article covers the origins of Buddhism in Nepal, its spread throughout the world, and its major doctrines and schools of thought. Professor Whigham’s studies in the Doctoral Program at Georgia State University have been geared to the topic of Buddhism, and include coursework in the areas of its origin and growth: India, China, and Japan.