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Kevin Myers – (CotW) Diligence, Determination, and Cooperation

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Kevin Myers for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Diligence, Determination, and Cooperation.

“Like many of his classmates Kevin Myers came to the library last week to take an Accelerated Reader test. He took his test and, using his logical thinking skills, scored 100%, in spite of the fact that he had realized that the final question of the test was incorrectly written. The question and the answers given did not match the story he had read. He used his knowledge of the story and what he thought the question and answers should have been to choose the “right” wrong answer, thus the 100.

That could have been the end of it, but Kevin was not satisfied. He came to tell me what he had found, what he thought was wrong with the question and why, and used the book to explain his conclusions.

I asked him to write up his concerns so I could forward them to the AR people so their test designers could review the test for accuracy. He wrote a very concise, well-documented explanation which I sent to Renaissance Learning immediately. Within a couple of hours, the response came back that Kevin was correct. There were issues with that test, and they had been identified and would be corrected.

Thanks Kevin for choosing to take that extra step.”

Nominated on November 23, 2009 by
MAJ Robbie F. Jones