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Jadol and Galimore Present Scientific Research at the American Chemical Society Conference

During November 30- December 4, 2010, Geovic Jadol (left) and JahWann Galimore (right), 11th graders at Georgia Military College, presented their chemical sciences research at the 66th Southwest/62nd Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society ( Held this year in New Orleans, La, the conference hosted close to 1200 participants and 200 undergraduate posters. Jadol and Galimore were the only two high school student participants. “Speaking to all of the professors and researchers was surprising at first, but I wasn’t uncomfortable. It was enjoyable because I had to think on my feet and be ready to explain things that weren’t clarified on my poster,” said Galimore. Jadol expressed similar thoughts. “Presenting to experienced ACS members was not easy but not difficult either. I had to really use the scientific language that I learned to speak at their level and make sense at the same time,” Jadol said. Jadol and Galimore credit their comfort level to the number of presentations they make during the research program, at regional and state science fairs, and at public-speaking opportunities at GMC. Since 2007, Galimore has spent his entire summer vacations designing and preparing new materials to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease, an ailment that causes paralysis and eventual death. Jadol began his research in 2008 and is investigating methods for making metal complexes of new materials for different applications, such as MRI contrast agents. Both students have conducted research for at least 3 years during the Young Scientists Academy, a seven-week summer program for high school students at the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy at Georgia College. The program provides a research-intensive laboratory experience to talented high school students with interest in chemistry careers. Students apply for only two slots in the highly-competitive program and receive up to $2,100 stipend. The Academy is part of Georgia College’s Summer Research Fellowships for High School Students, a program that supports up to seven students each summer. This year, Jadol received the 2010 award for Outstanding Research and Leadership. GMC and the GMC Bull Dog Club co-sponsored their travel. For more information about Jadol and Galimore’s research and travel award, contact