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HS Battalion Staff Looking Forward to New School Year

Submitted by C/CPT Mary Beth Martinez

(August 2004) With a fresh leadership, this school year should be an exciting one for the GMC 2nd Battalion (high school). C/LTC Will Brown will serve as the 2nd Battalion Commander and his staff will consist of great combination of experienced juniors and seniors including, C/CPT Whitney Davis, S1, C/CPT Carrie Goggans, S2, C/CPT Stephanie Chappell, S3, C/CPT Rayon Evans, S4, C/CPT Mary Beth Martinez, S5, and C/MAJ Leia Eubanks, Executive Officer. The 2nd Battalion Sergeant Major will be C/SGM Lyndell Nelson. C/CPT Damon Fluellen will serve as Commander of Band Company, C/CPT Tracey Pearson, Commander of Charlie Company, C/CPT Shannon Harper, Commander of Delta Company, and C/CPT Joseph Fabian, Commander of the high school Color Guard. We are all looking forward to a bright, new year. Picutred: Parents observe morning formation on the first day of school.