GMC News

Georgia Military College Welcomes Larry Peevy

President Peter J. Boylan Major General, USA (Ret.)

Is pleased to announce that

Larry A. Peevy Formerly of Georgia College & State University

Has been appointed

Vice President of Enrollment and Retention Services


Georgia Military College Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia Military College was created by act of the Georgia legislature in 1879 for the purpose of “…educating young men and women in an environment which fosters the qualities of good citizenship….” It continues to fulfill its original purpose by embracing the philosophy that education is two dimensional, involving development of the intellect along with elevating the qualities of character of the student. Our faculty are selected and retained for their ability to teach and to relate to students. They have no requirement to publish, perform research, or engage in other activities which would remove them from the classroom. Our faculty care about and teach our students. They care that students come to class; they care that students are stimulated intellectually; they care that students learn. Our teachers care that students acquire critical thinking skills, and they teach in such a way as to ensure that such a capability is acquired. Our classes are small – typically 15 persons – which guarantees individual attention and promotes learning. Free tutoring is available for every course for those students who request it. In short, we see our goal as ensuring that students succeed. As a small college, we ensure that every student receives the treatment they deserve and tailor our programs to meet their individual needs, not only in the classroom, but in every dimension of student life. Our Student Services staff provides assistance in financial aid, career planning, academic advisory, and counseling. Student Activities provides programs in intramurals, student clubs, cultural activities, and social events to enrich the total student experience. We also offer a number of intercollegiate sports for both men and women, including a national champion football team. We are pleased that Larry Peevy has elected to join us at GMC to continue his service to students from across the State of Georgia. Larry A. Peevy has served counselors and students for over 30 years as a math teacher, Director of Admissions and Records and for the past 20 years as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services at Georgia College & State University. During his years at GC&SU Larry served on many major Board of Regents committees such as the Admissions Committee that developed the admission guidelines for all system schools, the SIRS committee which developed the Student Information System used by all BOR schools, the Residency committee which established in-state residency requirements for students, the Transfer Credit Committee which established guidelines for transferring credit from one system school to another and most recently chaired the GA-EASY committee which developed a System web site ( for guidance counselors, students and parents to use during their college selection process. Major General Boylan said: “Larry is recognized as one of the most qualified administrators in higher education in the state of Georgia and is highly regarded by his peers across the United States. We look forward to the leadership and student service experience Larry brings to Georgia Military College. He has truly been a successful pioneer in the enrollment service area. His interest in serving counselors and helping students reach their potential is his greatest quality.”