GMC News

Blood Drive a Success

Mrs. Brenda Brown, GMC Coordinator of Community Service, said that most of the success of the blood drive on Tuesday, February 8 can be attributed to two factors; the continuing support of the junior college cadets and the assistance of the biology students in Mrs. Cynthia Anderson\’s biology classes. She said, \”We could not have gone over quota with 72 presenters and 69 pints of blood donated without the assistance of these groups of people. You are the best!\” Mrs. Brown would like to thank the staff and faculty members who supported the effort, and the two high school cadets who became first time donors, saying \”We appreciate the efforts of the GMC family and the members of our extended family who supported the drive. And remember, if you cannot donate, there are other ways that you can help.\”

The next blood drive is scheduled for April 5th. We will honor members of the GMC family who are deployed and serving in the 48th Brigade.