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Alix Durden – (CotW) Initiative

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Alix Durden for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Initiative. “I would like to nominate senior Alix Durden for the character trait of Initiative. On the half day that we had recently when all teachers were required to go to CGTC for a mandatory test, Alix happened to go downtown for lunch. When she walked into a local restaurant, she observed several middle school students behaving in an unruly manner. Rather than shrugging her shoulders and thinking, “Not my problem,” as many people would have done, Alix instead took the initiative to approach the students and correct their behavior. Although she initially received backtalk, they soon realized that she meant business. They adjusted their behavior accordingly. Other patrons in the restaurant and the restaurant staff thanked her for her actions. I would like to recognize her with Character of the Week for taking the initiative to ensure correct behavior from younger cadets.” Nominated on March 10 By MAJ Shannon Davis English Department Chair