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2nd Battalion Assembly with Thomas Kinkaid Kimmel

Submitted by C/CPT Mary Beth Martinez

This afternoon, August 20, 2004, the GMC 2nd Battalion high school cadets were fortunate enough to attend a consultation with Tom Kimmel. Mr. Kimmel is a noted Pearl Harbor scholar, a former FBI agent, and the eldest grandson of Admiral E. Kimmel, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor during the time of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Tom Kimmel graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and is a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Mr. Kimmel is also a proud veteran, having served in the Vietnam War. He comes from a family that has dedicated itself to protecting the freedom and way of life that has been threatened by attacks such as the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack on 9/11. Since retiring, he has been generous enough to come and speak at several assemblies such as the one GMC held today. Mr. Kimmel was introduced by Colonel (Ret.) Lovett Briggs, an alumnus of GMC, a local dedicated member of the Kiwanis Club and the American Legion, and a diligent worker for soldiers’ rights. Mr. Kimmel educated the many GMC high school students on the events that occurred after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, including the blame that was put on his grandfather for the success of the attack. He asked many questions of the students, most of which were correctly answered, had many visual aids, and conducted a very interesting, influential, and educational assembly.

Mr. & Mrs. Kimmel are pictured with COL Lovett Briggs (left).