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2010 Odyssey of the Mind Team – (CotW) Humility

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes the 2010 Odyssey of the Mind Team for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Humility. “I would like to nominate Alex Levendis, Sarah Poole, Eleni Constantinidis, Jostin Grimes, Elliot Fairbrass, and Seth Lowery for demonstrating the virtue of humility. This group of students placed first in the high school division at the Odyssey of the Mind State Finals held at Columbus State University on April 13th. They were awarded a trophy and individual medals at the ceremony following the competition. In addition, they were invited to represent the state of Georgia at the World Finals competition on May 26-29. The three GMC Prep School middle school teams did not place; and one team in particular was left disheartened and depressed after being assessed a penalty. This unwarranted penalty dropped their score enough to disqualify them from the World Finals in Michigan. In the wake of these upsets, the high school team removed their medals and asked a chaperone to store these and the trophy in her car until later before boarding the bus with the other team members. The team could have rightly celebrated their success and drawn attention to their awards in front of the other teams, coaches, and parents. Instead, they showed deep respect and empathy toward their fellow team mates and waited until I could join them in the privacy of one of the hotel rooms that evening to celebrate and reminisce on the day’s events. Alex, Sarah, Eleni, Jostin, Elliot, and Seth demonstrated great humility by placing the emotions of their fellow team members before themselves. The school should be proud of these students and commend them for their strength of character.” Nominated on April 27, 2010 by MAJ Emily Fairbrass 2010 OOTM Coach 7th grade Science Instructor