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Yellow Ribbons

GMC Hangs Yellow Ribbons for the 48th Brigade

Today, Matthew Shomaker, GMC junior college student and soldier in the 48th
Brigade, tied a yellow ribbon around the old oak trees in honor of members
of the GMC family who are currently serving our country. Mr. Shomaker
initiated this effort with the help of Lawrence\’s flower shop who donated
the ribbon, and COL Jane Simpson, GMC Library Director, who assisted him in
identifying the trees of honor. Ribbons now hang on the oak tree planted in
1988 in honor of GMC\’s Vietnam Veterans and on the eleven swamp chestnut oak
trees which were planted in 1920 by the Nancy Hart Chapter of the DAR; ten
were planted in memory of the soldiers from Baldwin County who were killed
in WWI, and one was planted in honor of those who returned safely. The
names of those soldiers were: William S. Morris, James F. Little, Eddie Q.
Brown, Robert L. Roberson, Morris Vinson, Furman F. Lee, Fleming D. Vaughn,
Joseph W. Wood, Thomas H. Huff, and Isaac N. Maxwell.