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Web Page Designed for Deployed Cadets

The 48th Infantry Brigade has been alerted for possible mobilization and deployment in support the Global War on Terrorism. More than 1,200 Soldiers, including 37 GMC junior college cadets, and SGT David Bill (GMC Director of Cadet Recruiting), will report to duty in December, with another 2,300 expected to be called-up after the first of the year. While the exact schedule has not been announced, the unit is expected to report initially to Fort Stewart followed by exercises at the NTC, Fort Irwin, California. The Brigade is expected to deploy for a 12-month rotation to southwest Asia beginning sometime next spring.

A web page has been designed as part of the GMC web site to keep you informed about these members of the GMC family. SGT David Bill, Public Affairs Officer for the 48th Infantry Brigade, will be forwarding information, photos, and updates, which will be posted here regularly.

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