GMC News

Usery Provides Lab

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, W. J. “Bill” Usery, Jr., a 1940 graduate of GMC Junior College, has generously provided $30,000 to appoint the new computer lab in the James E. Baugh Barracks. The barracks are currently under construction with occupancy scheduled for January 2007.

Although Usery has received numerous accolades and awards in the course of his career, including five honorary doctorates, he considers it his highest honor to have received from Georgia Military College not only the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1971 but also GMC’s greatest tribute, the Carl Vinson Public Service Award, in 1990.

Of Usery’s contributions to the school, Major General Peter J. Boylan, USA (Ret.), GMC President, has written: “Every educational institution in this land has alumni to whom it can point with pride as exemplifying those qualities which identify the school and the ethic which underpins the education it provides. In the case of Bill Usery, these [qualities] are gifts to our country of an extraordinary sort from an extraordinary citizen.”