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Trip Williams – Character of the Week (Kindness and Helpfulness)

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Trip Williams for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Kindness and Helpfulness. I would like to nominate Trip Williams for Character of the Week for exhibiting the virtues of kindness and helpfulness. During Language Arts class, I have different students pass out our grammar workbooks, and different students take the workbooks up and place them on the shelf. On one particular day, we were running behind schedule, and I told the students to leave the workbooks on their desks and go to class. Instead of leaving, Trip said, “MAJ Anderson, I will be glad to pick the workbooks up and put them on the shelf.” This is only one instance where Trip has shown kindness and helpfulness. He has exhibited these virtues during the entire school year. Trip has been a pleasure to teach; he is a fine example of what a GMC Cadet is all about! Nominated on April 28, 2010 By MAJ Patty Anderson 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher GMC Prep School