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The Chronicle for Higher Education awards GMC with accolade

The Chronicle for Higher Education Ranks Georgia Military College 18th Fastest Growing Associate and Baccalaureate/Associate College in the Nation, 2007-2017

Since its establishment in 1879, Georgia Military College (GMC) has been a recognized leader providing a character-based higher education, improving students’ personal well-being and giving them hope for a brighter future.  This is evident in its enrollment during this last decade as GMC has experienced unprecedented growth in their number of students. Under the leadership of former GMC President, Major General Peter Boylan (1992-2013), and current GMC President, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV (2013-present), the college has grown not only its program offerings, but has expanded its campus footprint across the state, and seen significant increase in enrollments of the Global Online Campus. As a result, The Chronicle of Higher Education recognized Georgia Military College as the 18th Fastest Growing Associate and Baccalaureate/Associate College in the Nation, 2007-2017. Based on that ranking, GMC is also the #1 fastest growing public institution in the state of Georgia.

In addition to offering Bachelor of Applied Science degree programs, GMC has transfer agreements with 48 four-year colleges and universities so that if desired, any GMC student can continue their education at another school with ease. The education GMC affords students demonstrates the value GMC adds to the higher education environment in Georgia, and beyond.

Caldwell says increased enrollments in the GMC campuses across the state of Georgia in such a short amount of time demonstrates the need for higher education that is both accessible and affordable.

“We’ve seen a growth in this institution because there is a need and a desire for quality post-secondary education that his character-based and affordable,” Caldwell said. “Our goal is to provide hope and opportunity for students across Georgia to receive an education that will change their lives. We’ve been fortunate that our GMC Board of Trustees has given us the opportunity to grow in areas across the state, and even our Global Online Campus, reaching more students now than ever.”

GMC Board of Trustees Chairman, Randy New, says GMC’s strong leadership is one of the reasons its been so successful in growing.

“We’re a unique institution,” New said. “We’re able to reach students that are looking for a foundation. We have a diverse student population – everyone from the traditional college freshman, to the working parent that balances a full-time job and a college education. Wherever a person is in life, GMC offers an opportunity to be better and to get the education they need to be successful. Our leadership that we have in place does a great job of recognizing the need, and going to fulfill it.”

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