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“Spirit Boys” – Characters of the Week (Initiative and Enthusiasm)

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes the “Spirit Boys” for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Initiative and Enthusiasm. Chris Brown, Scott Johnson, Colby Smith, Drew Sanders, Brandon Hogg, Chase Bloodworth, and JD Felt I would like to nominate the above boys (whom we affectionately refer to as the “Spirit Boys”) for the character virtues of initiative and conviction. The girls’ varsity soccer team made it to the first round of state playoffs. Playing at Dublin’s home field and having the Irish spirit squad there was quite a distraction to the girls and contributed to their being down 0-3 at the half. However, you should have seen the girls’ faces light up as the 2nd half started when they saw that seven of GMC’s boys had shed their shirts and painted the word “Bulldog” with school colors of red, black, and white across their chests and backs. The boys then proceeded to lead the members of the student body and the GMC parents who had travelled to the game in much-needed cheering and motivation for the girls. Although, in the end, the girls lost, they will never forget the boys who cared about them and lessened the pain of that loss. Nominated on April 30, 2010 By MAJ Linda Brown, Varsity Girls’ Soccer Coach