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Shelby Medlin, Sinclair Harding & Karlie Harding – (CotW) KINDNESS

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Shelby Medlin, Sinclair Harding, and Karlie Harding for earning the Character of the Week Award
in demonstrating the virtue of Kindness.

At Friday night’s homecoming game my little girl, Lyssa, was playing on the grassy hill near the front gates when she was knocked down and stepped on by unknown older children. She was hurt, and I was not around. These three girls took it upon themselves to help her up, help her clean off, and then walk with her the entire length of the football stadium to help her find me! They did this only because it was the right thing to do…they had no idea that she was the daughter of a faculty member. They made sure that she was not alone while she was hurt and looking for me. Please award them for demonstrating great kindness toward my daughter.

Nominated on September 28, 2009
Maj. Libby Blair
Science Department