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Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Congratulations to Georgia Military College Prep School Science and Engineering Fair winners, Spencer Tyson (First Place Middle School), Maya Mapp (Second Place Middle School), Caroline Hooks (Third Place Middle School) and Alvin Huff (First Place High School).

Mr. Tyson’s project, “pH…On Land or In Water…Is It Relative?” was chosen so he could learn more about the acidity of the water in a pond near his home. He found there was a significant difference between the acidity of the water and the land around it.

Miss Mapp determined that college students prefer to eat vegetables more than meat in her project, “Meat vs. Veggies.”

Miss Hooks chose her project, “Centrifugal Force,” because she was interested in gravitation and how amusement rides sometimes made her feel like she was being pushed in a certain direction. She determined that centrifugal force pulls object away from the center.

In addition to winning first place in the GMC fair, Alvin Huff also achieved first place honors in the Regional Science & Engineering Fair with his project, “Synthesis and Chlorination of Manganese Porphyrins.” Huff explained that his goal was to make manganese porphyrins, and he discovered that some metals are better suited for this rather than manganese. Mr. Huff will compete at the state level in the Georgia Science & Engineering Fair at the University of Georgia in April 2008.

Pictured left to right, Spencer Tyson, Maya Mapps and Caroline Hooks.

Pictured, Alvin Huff working on his experiment.