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Richard Brown – JC Character Award

I would like to nominate Richard W. Brown for a JC Character Award. Richard volunteered at last week’s football game, selling raffle tickets, running errands for the officials and press box crew, and singing the National Anthem.

Richard spent several hours rehearsing the National Anthem in preparation for Saturday’s game. He made a special trip to Davenport Field in an effort to check out the sound system, and make sure he knew how to project his voice over the microphone. He received several compliments after singing and in fact we are having him back for this Saturday’s game. Once the game began Richard helped with the PTK and golf team fund raising efforts (neither of which he is a member) by selling raffle tickets and helping out in the announcing booth. He also announced a portion of the game and will do so again this week. He is the student we are looking for at GMC – thoughtful, kind, and willing to volunteer for the “effort.” I would whole heartedly recommend Richard for any accolades you choose. Hopefully he will continue to enjoy his experience with us and earn his B.S. in general studies degree with honors.

Submitted on September 24, 2009 by:
Coach Sonny Harmon