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Prep Students hold ‘Metric Olympics’

During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the GMC Prep School eighth-grade held its own interdisciplinary Olympics. In Georgia history, they studied the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the effect that they had on our state. They researched images and placed them in the famous Olympic rings. The students also watched part of the opening ceremonies of the Atlanta games where they saw the lighting of the torch. On the annual trip to Georgia Day, the students saw the Olympic rings and torch first hand. In science, they held the ‘Metric Olympics’ where they competed with each other in events involving estimation and measurement. The students won medals for their events. They also watched a video clip on how science is involved with winter Olympic events. In math, they took the medal counts of the top five countries over the past six winter Olympic Games and made scatter plots with the data. Linear Regression was then used to predict how many gold, silver, bronze and total medals those countries would win this year. There were also competitions for medals involving the calculator.