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Percy Canon and Adam Veatch – Service to Others

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Percy Canon and Adam Veatch for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Service to Others.

“I would like to recognize Percy Canon and Adam Veatch for athletic and volunteer services rendered to the middle school tennis program. These two young men were acting as assistant coaches for the spring MS tennis team. They gave of their time and expertise to make the tennis program at GMC more competitive by training the players who will be our future stars. They showed great character in their performance as “Coach Percy and Coach Adam”.
Their assistance was essential in keeping 30 hyper young athletes focused and organized. The skill level and game knowledge of the players were vastly improved. I could not have done this without their help. For this, I submit them for Character of the Week with a big thank you.”

Submitted on May 12, 2009
By MAJ Garland Riner
HS Social Studies
Varsity Tennis Coach