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Patrick Fackler is GMC-Augusta’s first Bachelor of Applied Science Graduate

Missie Usry, GMC-Augusta’s Enrollment Officer, and Jennifer Montgomery, GMC-Augusta’s Assistant Director/Dean of Students, congratulate Patrick Fackler on his accomplishment!

29-year-old Patrick Fackler makes history as Georgia Military College-Augusta’s first Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Graduate! The Augusta resident began taking his BAS classes online in Business Management in January of 2016 at GMC’s Augusta campus. While taking classes, Fackler juggled his career as the Operations Leader at Textron Specialized Vehicles (TSV) in Augusta. Fackler completed his course work and graduated from the BAS program on September 22, 2017. He says it’s a humbling experience to make history at GMC.

“This is a huge accomplishment,” said Patrick Fackler, GMC’s BAS Graduate. “It’s a lifelong accomplishment. Having a bachelor’s degree, nobody can ever take that away from you. I can now move forward in my career.”

Fackler obtained his Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Augusta Technical College. He says he searched for a while to find a non-profit institution that offered BAS Degrees to continue his education and would accept all of his credits from Augusta Tech. Fackler was able to easily transfer his credits from Augusta Tech to GMC through an articulation agreement in place between both institutions. Fackler says he decided to put his trust into GMC’s BAS pilot program in 2015.

“I wanted to expand my role at TSV into management,” said Fackler. “I was lucky enough to find out that GMC had just started a program. I was able to apply a lot of that knowledge from my classes into my job. Especially in courses such as organizational leadership, team management, and project management. Pursuing this degree in Business Management opened up the availability for me to become the Operations Leader in Fabrication at TSV because they recognized that I was interested in being in a supervisory role. ”

Dr. Tianna Marynell is GMC’s Division Chair for Business and Computer Information Systems. She designed the BAS course in Business Management to help students reach new heights in their career.

“Earning a bachelor’s degree opens the door for career advancement opportunities,” said Dr. Tianna Marynell, GMC’s Division Chair for Business and Computer Information Systems. “Georgia Military College’s BAS programs are designed to provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge centered around real world applications.  Our BAS degree programs provide students with an AAS degree, like Patrick, the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of completing a bachelor’s degree and advancing into a management position.”

With the support of his family and his job, Fackler was able to complete his degree. He says he is forever grateful to Textron Specialized Vehicles’ tuition assistance program for assisting him in completing his degree.

“You can’t thank them enough for what you do,” said Fackler. “You become more committed to your company when they are willing to invest in your education and build you as a better professional so you can help the business.”

By obtaining his BAS degree in Business Management, Fackler hopes to one day become a manager and a director at TSV. Shana Reid, Executive Director of GMC’s Augusta campus, says she is proud of Fackler and knows that he will excel in his career.

“In the fall of 2015, the Augusta campus was one of two campuses selected to pilot the BAS program,” said Shana Reid, Executive Director of GMC’s Augusta campus. “We were honored and excited to be able to offer BAS degrees in our community. Mr. Fackler was one of our first students.  Twenty months later, he is our first graduate! Faculty and staff alike are tremendously proud of his accomplishment.”