GMC News

Military Honors

Georgia Military College hosted a parade in recognition of cadets receiving distinguished military honors on Friday, April 13 at 2:30 p.m. on Grant Parade. The guest speaker was LTC Edward T. Moore, USA (Retired), GMC Facilities Engineer.

Members of the Junior College Color Guard received ribbons: Clay Comer, Joseph Moure, Joshua Moure, Kyle Kessinger, Thomas Nelson, Eugene Jones and Frederick Brown.

Members of the Junior College Drill Team received ribbons: Marcello Curtis, Brian Foster, Thomas Streeter, Brandon Cunningham, Jennifer Neumann, Shadonna Hampton, Kafira Baker, Joshua Moure, Joseph Moure, Dennis Chavez, Eugene Jones, Clay Comer, Frederick Brown, Canishia Griffin and Jesse Chastain.

Members of the Junior College Ranger Challenge Team received ribbons: Avery Fulp, Gary Bostic, Andrea Herman, Blake Bowles, George Bowles, Scott Naelitz, Ryan Eilenfield, Roy Woods, Clint Armstrong, Clifford Burns, Paul Austin, Chris Walters, and Ronald Moses.

The Senior Army Instructor Leadership Ribbon is awarded annually to the one cadet in each LET level who displays the highest degree of leadership. This year’s awardees were: Kip Goss (LET 1), Haylee Deloach (LET 2), Alvin Huff (LET 3), and Kenneth Stewart (LET 4).

The JROTC Personal Appearance Ribbon is awarded annually to cadets who consistently present an outstanding appearance. This year’s awardees were: Quintin Weekly (LET 1), Alexa Anderson (LET 2), Kristen Whipple (LET 3), and Jameia Huff (LET 4).

The JROTC Proficiency Ribbon is awarded annually to those cadets who have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of leadership, academic achievement, and performance of duty. This year’s awardees were: Will Parker and Rick Griffin (LET 1), Adam Peeler (LET 2), Ashley Martin (LET 3), and Chris Couch (LET 4).

The JORTC Commendation Ribbon is awarded to cadets whose performance of duty exceptionally exceeds that expected of cadets of their grade and experience. This year’s awardees were: Taey Wright (LET 1), Amy Chappel (LET 2), Casey Durden (LET 3), and Harrison Reid (LET 4).

The Military Order of World Wars is presented annually to one cadet who has exceeded the standard in the area of academics, discipline, and military activities. This year’s recipient was Rudy Mills.

Sean Tighe received the Outstanding Leadership Award.

Rob Grimes was recognized as the Best Platoon Leader for Echo Company.

Rachel Powell was recognized as the Best Platoon Leader for Foxtrot Company.

Jake Frederick was recognized as the Best Squad Leader for Echo Company.

Shelly Hastings was recognized as the Best Squad Leader for Foxtrot Company.

The Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader Award is presented to any member of the GMC family who completes 100 hours or more of community service in one year. This is an outstanding demonstration of selfless service. Recipients of this award were: MAJ Brent Gebel, Colby Pennington, Vernon Andrews, Bridgit Gresham, Brittney Gresham and Kenni Smith.