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Middle School Regional Science Fair Winners

Georgia Military College Middle School students participated in the Regional Science Fair held at Georgia College & State University on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

GMC’s MS students competed with students from nine other middle schools from five counties. GMC MS represented 13 projects of the 76 total middle school projects entered and each GMC student earned either second or first place!

Of the 19 projects awarded second place, seven were from GMC! Congratulations to GMC Middle School Second Place Winners:

Ashley Vinson, Macy Watkins – “Is There a Whole Lot of Shaking Going On?”

Rachel Hallam, Brook Grove – “Will Green Bags Prevent the Spoiling of Foods Longer than Ziploc Bags, Paper Bags, or Without any Bags?”

Josh Martiny, Nathan Patel – “How do Different Materials Affect the Rate of Groundwater Flow?”

**Thomas Resha, Dylan Resha, Tom Drew, Zach Whittle – “The Effect of Construction and Erosion from Subdivision Development on Pond Life.”

**Kristin Kuehn, Kelsey Chambers, Kaitlyn Weaver – “Testing Different Types of Water on Annual Ryegrass Growth.”

Laughlin Smith – “The Effect of Environmentally-Safe Household Cleaners on Plant Growth.”

Josh Young – “Well Water vs. City Water.”

**These students are alternates to the State Science Fair.

Of the 13 projects awarded first place, GMC took six! These students will go to the State Science Fair at University of Georgia in April.
Congratulations to GMC Middle School First Place Winners:

Taylore Brooks, Mary Easterwood – “Does the Age of a House have any Effect on the Interior Humidity Levels?”

Kaitlyn Bentley, Alex Bentley – “Will Oyster Shells Affect the Production and Size of Chicken Eggs?”

Jered Knowles – “How Does Kaolin Slurry Affect the Growth Rate of Plants?”

Liam Fairbrass – “Do Diesel Engines Produce More Particulate Matter than Gasoline Engines per Person?”

Courtney Cox, Makayla Harrison – “Will Groundcover Affect the Rate of Soil Erosion?”

Drew Thigpen, Dylan Efird, Conner Deen – “Moxidectin vs. Fenbendazole: Which is the Most Effective Wormer?”

Additionally, the following students earned special awards:
Drew Thigpen, Dylan Efird, Conner Deen, and Liam Fairbrass earned “Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge Award.” They also received an award from INTEL which will be sent to them soon.

Jered Knowles earned the “Outstanding Project to Participate in 1-SWEEP 2009 International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering and Environment) Project Olympiad” held in Houston, Texas April 15-20.

Pictured – GMC Middle School Second Place Winners:
First Row – Kelsey Chambers, Kaitlyn Weaver, Rachel Hallam, Brooke Grove, Josh Young, Thomas Resha, Dylan Resha, Zach Whittle, Tom Drew;
Second Row – Kristin Kuehn, Ashley Vinson, Macy Watkins, Laughlin Smith, Josh Martiny, Nathan Patel.

Pictured – GMC Middle School First Place Winners:
First Row – Mary Easterwood, Jered Knowles, Drew Thigpen, Liam Fairbrass;
Second Row – Taylore Brooks, Kaitlyn Bentley, Dylan Efird, Courtney Cox, Makayla Harrison; (Not pictured – Alex Bentley and Conner Deen).