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Middle School Honors Ceremony

Georgia Military College recently recognized its middle school students for academic, JROTC, and community achievement, and honored them with a special ceremony. Below is a list of awards and scholarships which were presented on May 14, 2015.

American Legion Americanism Essay Contest 

6th Grade 1st Place Winner –  Gabbie Sowell
7th Grade 1st Place Winner –  Emma Nelson
7th Grade 2nd Place Winner – Carson Waters

President’s Volunteer Service Award 

This award is given to students, faculty, and staff who volunteer their time to an organization for at least 100 hours.  Those individuals who have volunteered 100 or more hours receive a bronze pin; those who have volunteered 175-249 hours receive a silver pin, and those who have volunteered over 250 hours receive a gold pin.  

Joey Benson – Bronze
Noah Isley – Silver
Jayla Jarrett – Silver
Jacob Marshall – Gold
Taylor Price – Bronze
Luke Rutherford – Gold
Austin Wilkes – Gold

The Nancy Kennedy Reading Achievement Award

Named in honor of long time GMC English teacher, Nancy Kennedy, this award is presented to the cadet in each grade who accumulates the highest total of AR points for their grade.  This year’s recipients are:

6th Grade – Stella Glover
7th Grade – Hope Martin
8th Grade – James Bateman

Also recognized were the students in the top 5% of their grade based on the number of AR points accumulated:
6th Grade – Jacob Bailey
        Shelby Duke
        Ben Schneck
        Emilie Sherwood

7th Grade – Rylan Herring
       Cecilia Maldonado
                   Emma Nelson

8th Grade – Lyssa Blair
        Jacob Marshall
         Jason Schneck
UDC Essay Contest 

The United Daughters of the Confederacy is the oldest patriotic organization in our country.  The UDC was founded in September, 1894 with its objectives being historical in preserving material for truthful history of the War Between the States and its historic places, educational by providing exposure to history through essay contests and scholarships, benevolence by assisting those who defended our country, memorial in honoring those who fell in service to our country, and patriotic in recognizing the part women have played in the War Between the States and all other wars with American involvement.

The Milledgeville chapter of the Georgia Division is Robert E. Lee 115, and each year sponsors an essay contest for all schools in the county.  This year’s topic was Appomattox 1865.

GMC had the winning essays in 7-10th grades and the first place essays have been sent to the division contest.  Each winner receives a small monetary award from out chapter.

7th Grade 1st Place – Brigid Lowery
7th Grade 2nd Place – Jacob Kauzlarich
8th Grade 1st Place – Daniel Gebel
8th Grade 2nd Place – Lyssa Blair

Lions Club Peace Poster Contest 

Young people ages 11, 12, and 13 were encouraged to express their visions of world peace through art in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest.  Participants could use charcoal, crayon, pencil, or paint to express a theme about peace. Posters are shared globally via the Internet, social media, news outlets and exhibits.

This year, 6th grade student, Je’Mazin Roberts won the local, regional, and state competition.

Geography Bee

Each year National Geographic sponsors a geography bee for middle school students across the nation with the hope that the contest will inspire students to be curious about their world. 

The winner of this year’s Geography Bee is 8th grader, Jonathan Daniel.

Student Government 

Each year members of the student body in grades 8-12 elect students to represent them in student government.  The eighth grade representatives for this year were:

Anna Caldwell
Daniel Gebel

The Accelerated Math Achievement Award 

This award is presented to the cadet in each grade of the middle school who has mastered the highest total objectives in the Accelerated Math Program for the first three nine weeks grading period.

6th Grade – Will Mayo
7th Grade – Matthew Leverett
8th Grade – Gracie Herndon

The Accelerated Math Excellence Award 

This award is presented to the top 5% of each grade in the middle school who have mastered the highest total objectives in the Accelerated Math Program for the first three nine weeks grading periods.

6th Grade – Dalton Loyd
        Ava Shomaker
                   Ethan Tolentino
                   Chris Trussell

7th Grade – Ryan Barsby
        Jacob Kauzlarich
        Hope Martin
        Hunter Noles
        Aisha Sobti
8th Grade – James Bateman
        Lyssa Blair
        Jason Schneck

Duke Talent Identification Program

Students who participated in the 2015 Duke University Talent Identification Program’s 7th grade Talent Search were recognized.  This program identifies seventh graders who have scored in the 95th percentile or higher based on standardized tests in middle school.  Candidates are invited to take the ACT or SAT college entrance exams.

Ryan Barsby
Sami Bradley
Sydney Craft
Leah Frazier
Kadin Graves
Emma Hill
Tara MacCartee
Hope Martin
Ryan Mullis
Emma Nelson
Prince Patel
Alexis Sanders
Madison Sloan
Abby Snow
Aisha Sobti
Mattison Strom
Carson Waters

Four seventh grade students qualified for state recognition by scoring at or above the national average of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or SAT.

Natalie Hanberry
Brock Harrington
Jacob Kauzlarich
Ethan Singco (also qualified for Grand Recognition by scoring in the top 4% of students who took the test)
Principal’s Awards

Presented to middle school students who have attained the Principal’s List and have not accumulated any bullring, discipline hours or suspensions during the first three 9-week grading periods.

6th Grade:  All first award

Jacob Bailey
Morgan Davis
Taylor Dixon
Shelby Duke
Latham Foster
Jack Harris
Madison Hartzog
Grayson Hopkins
Dalton Loyd
Will Mayo
Mary Ansley McCue
Colby Sanford
Emilie Sherwood
Ethan Tolentino
Chris Trussell
Justin Wallace
Jackson Wysong

7th Grade:

Ryan Barsby – 2nd Award
Jacob Kauzlarich – 1st Award
Tara MacCartee – 2nd Award
Hope Martin – 2nd Award
Emma Nelson – 1st Award
Ethan Singco – 2nd Award
Mattison Strom  – 1st Award
Carson Waters – 2nd Award

8th Grade:
Lyssa Blair – 3rd Award
Anna Caldwell – 2nd Award
Redt Dunn – 2nd Award
Cire’ Foston – 2nd Award
Sean Herndon – 1st Award
Danielle Kent – 1st Award
Jacob Marshall – 3rd Award
Rico Pearson – 1st Award
Elena Rojas – 3rd Award
Luke Rutherford – 3rd Award
Taylor Sherwood – 3rd Award

Academic Excellence Awards 
Awarded annually to one cadet in each middle school grade for maintaining the highest academic average in the current school year.   

6th Grade – Ethan Tolentino  
7th Grade – Jacob Kauzlarich 
8th Grade – Lyssa Blair
Math, English, Science, and Social Studies Excellence Awards

Presented to students in each grade with the highest grade point average in each of the subject areas during the 2014-2015 school year. There were ties in some subject areas.

6th Grade:  English – Justin Wallace
        Math – Ethan Tolentino
        Science – Ethan Tolentino
        Social Studies – Emilie Sherwood
7th Grade:  English – Jacob Kauzlarich
             Hope Martin
        Math –     Ryan Barsby
             Jacob Kauzlarich
        Science – Jacob Kauzlarich
        Social Studies – Jacob Kauzlarich
8th Grade:  English – Anna Caldwell
        Math –  Lyssa Blair
        Science – Lyssa Blair
        Social Studies – Taylor Sherwood
Perfect Attendance Awards   
The following students have been present all day, every day, of the 2014-2015 school year.

6th Grade:
  Je’Mazin Roberts
  Colby Sanford
  Ethan Tolentino
  Drue Williams

7th Grade:
  Christopher Green
  Jacob Kauzlarich
  Hunter Noles
  Alexis Sanders
  Stelios Spirou

8th Grade:
  Lyssa Blair
  Noah Isley
  Rico Pearson
  Carley Radney
  Luke Rutherford

View photos of the ceremony here: