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Middle School Holds Change of Command Ceremony

Middle school holds Change of Command ceremony

(Milledgeville) – A new chain of command will be in place for Georgia Military College Prep’s middle school military unit when classes resume in August. On Thursday, the third battalion bid farewell to the previous year’s officers and ushered in the new leaders in a Change of Command ceremony.

“The Change of Command ceremony is a time-honored tradition of the military that signifies the handing over of the command of a unit from one individual to another,” said Garland Riner, head of the middle school military department. “The selection of these individuals is competitive and based on achievement in and out of the classroom.”

C/LTC Delarrion Milner takes over as battalion commander, the highest cadet position in the third battalion, replacing C/LTC Tori Spivey, who moves into the high school ranks next year.

“Delarrion is willing to accept the challenge and will lead the battalion to the next level,” said Riner. “Tori did an outstanding job during her time in the position. Her academics, extracurricular activities, and community service demonstrated what it is to be a GMC leader.”
Other changes include:

• Kevin Myers assumes the role of battalion executive officer, taking over for Meg Gray.

• Macy Lee takes over as the operations officer S-3, taking over for Donovan Spivey.

• Katie Bershadsky replaces Kevin Kirby as Echo company commander.

• Vanna Ruth Stone assumes the role of Foxtrot company commander, replacing Elliot Fairbrass.

• Maya Mapp will command Headquarters, taking over for KeShawn Harris.

• Lilly Edmonson is promoted to command sergeant major, the highest position in the battalion that is not an officer. She takes over for Kaitlyn Russ.

“The cadet chain of command is essential to the daily regimen and structure that ensures cadets meet the standards,” said Riner. “I am very proud of the leadership we had this year, from the battalion commander down to the squad and assistant squad leaders. They grew in their abilities, were willing to step up to fill positions as the need arose, and represented GMC well on campus and in the community.”

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