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Meet Georgia Military College’s new Professor of Military Science

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Casey Geist is the new Professor of Military Science (PMS) for the senior Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program at Georgia Military College (GMC). Geist will also train cadets at affiliate schools such as Georgia College & State University, Macon State, and Wesleyan College. Those cadets will attend classes and participate in the ROTC program at GMC or its partner school Mercer University. Geist was raised between the western states of Oklahoma and Colorado. He attended Western State Colorado University where he soon joined the Army Reserve after his freshman year. After enlisting into the Army, Geist completed his junior and senior years in the ROTC program at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). He graduated from UCCS with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics before receiving his first commission for active duty to Fort Polk, Louisiana as a Lieutenant in the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment.

LTC Geist has an extensive military background spanning 20 years. He completed the Captains Career Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Geist experienced his first deployment to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. He continued to advance his career in the military by training freshly commissioned lieutenants at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Geist targeted higher tier terrorists operating with Al-Qaeda and Iraq by advising G3 Operations Officers for the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Command. He was the Chief of Operations at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for the 4th Brigade Combat team and also the Executive Officer for the 4-23 Stryker Infantry Battalion in Afghanistan. Geist comes to GMC after leaving the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate which focuses on the acquisition, process and testing of airborne equipment in the Army.

“Almost as soon as I came out of my initial entry training when I enlisted, I went directly into ROTC programs,” said LTC Casey Geist, GMC Professor of Military Science. “It almost feels like a full circle to get back into training cadets and to working with them again with the same experiences that I’ve had over the last 17 years of being active duty. I’m trying to influence them so that the next generations of military soldiers have a good strong leadership foundation.”

LTC Casey Geist is married to his wife, Jenny, and they have two children Taylor and Jacob.

LTC Casey Geist is the Professor of Military Science at Georgia Military College.