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Junior College Graduate, Trey Dressler, Owes His Success To GMC

(Milledgeville, GA) June 17, 2003 – Looking back on his time at Georgia Military College (GMC), William Mackenson “Trey” Dressler, III, contentedly says, “My life’s path is not exactly what I expected and I’ve made a couple detours, but I like where the road has taken me.” One of GMC junior college’s newest graduates, Trey Dressler started his college career at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington, VA, because it was close to his home (Covington, VA). That, and attending the school claimed as alma mater by so many of the men in his family had been his childhood dream. But Trey learned that dreams don’t always translate into the best reality.
VMI’s rigorous seven-month initiation (plebe) period had a negative effect on Trey’s grades and outlook and he soon realized that he needed a change of venue. While doing an internet search for military junior colleges, Dressler found GMC and he looked into the 124-year old school in Milledgeville, GA. Trey arrived at his new school in January 2002; determined to reestablish his academic standing and get a fresh start.
Well, he certainly found his niche at GMC. Within months, he earned the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and based on his proven abilities, was assigned the position of Regimental Deputy Commander, an executive slot which put him second in command of the cadet corps (250 junior college cadets) and the “chief of staff” for all five staff sections (accountability, security, training & operations, supply, and public relations). In the fall of 2002, Trey assumed more responsibility as president of GMC’s new chapter of Alpha Psi Omega (APO). The nation’s largest service fraternity, APO is dedicated to service to campus, community, country and to fraternity. GMC’s chapter consists of a mixture of cadets and commuting students and they assist in many campus and community projects throughout the year. Trey accomplished all of this while maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, and working part-time as a salesman for Childre Chrysler Dodge Jeep Nissan, Inc. in Milledgeville, GA.
In comparing the two schools, he acknowledged that GMC’s military structure differs from VMI’s, but he says the classes and requirements at GMC are definitely not easier. He thinks his success had a lot to do with GMC’s faculty, “I had some excellent instructors who helped me look at things in a whole different way. One in particular was Dr. Paula Payne who taught an English course I had taken three times before. She made me realize that I could have fun with English assignments, like writing papers; she really stands out.” One of his favorite things about GMC is the cross-section of cadets and commuting students, “The mixed population made academics more bearable, because when I was in class I was treated like any other ‘normal’ student and didn’t feel the pressure of the cadet corps.” Trey says in his academic career, military career, and many other aspects of his life, he owes his success to GMC, the Commandant (LTC Pat Beer) and to Mrs. Dorothy Carpenter (Commandant’s Office Manager), whom he has designated as his surrogate mother. He confirms, “The right things have happened at the right times, and opportunities to succeed have been handed to me; GMC has been the best thing that’s happened to me.”
Trey Dressler graduated from GMC junior college on May 31, 2003. He plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science and is considering several colleges at which to complete his four-year degree – including VMI. After that, he hopes to run for public office one day, but in the meantime will join the family business, Dressler Motors, Inc., which his grandfather started in 1950. An Eagle Scout, Dressler remains active as an adult leader of Boy Scout troops, and is a member of the Falling Springs (VA) Volunteer Fire Department. A 1999 graduate of Alleghany High School, he is the son of William M. Dressler, Jr. and Patricia M. Dressler and the grandson of William M. Dressler, Sr. and the late Sallie T. Dressler of Covington, VA, and Robert and Virginia McDowell of Clifton Forge, VA. Conscientious, committed, and responsible, Trey truly exemplifies the purpose for which the Georgia General Assembly created GMC in 1879 “…educating young men and women in an environment which fosters the qualities of good citizenship.”
Pictured are (front), Virginia McDowell, Ethan Dressler (Trey’s brother), Trey Dressler, William M. Dressler, Sr., (back), William M. Dressler, Jr., and Robert McDowell.