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Jorge Mulhall is GMC-Milledgeville’s oldest graduate

68-year-old Jorge Mulhall will be the oldest graduate from GMC’s Milledgeville campus.

68-year-old Jorge Mulhall came to America two years ago to continue his education and he will fulfill that dream soon. On May 26, Mulhall will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Science. He’s the oldest graduate at GMC’s Milledgeville campus. It’s an accomplishment he’s very proud of.

“It feels great,” said Jorge Mulhall. “It’s a great accomplishment. I thank God that I’ve had time enough to do my homework, study, read, and do research that has helped me with my grades.”

Mulhall is an International Student and is here on an F1 visa to study in the United States. He was born in Argentina, but lived in Brazil for most of his life. He came to Milledgeville two years ago and began volunteering at the Senior Living Community Center known as “The Cottages.” Mulhall says since retiring from his job in Brazil, he thought it would be best to continue his education.

“I thought that I had to keep my brain in exercise,” said Mulhall. “So I decided to study. Since I had an opportunity here in Milledgeville to attend GMC I decided to sign up for it. Like I tell my peers, I’m not here to pass, I’m here to learn. Studying was a great gift for me in terms of keeping me aware and keeping my health up.”

Mulhall is both learning and passing all of his classes. He will graduate with a 3.44 GPA and he’s also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He’s also very popular around campus and is commonly known as “Mr. Jorge.”

“It’s great,” said Mulhall. “I like to participate in classes and I think I’ve been respected a lot for my participation. It’s been a learning experience and I’ve made a lot of friends here. They respect and like me a lot. The professors are the best.”

Mulhall will continue his education in GMC’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree program in Business Management.