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Jerry Wallace is GMC’s Online Distinguished Graduating Student

(Jerry Wallace is GMC's Online Distinguished Graduating Student for 2017)

43-year-old Jerry Wallace is GMC’s Online Campus Distinguished Graduating Student for 2017. Wallace received the recognition for best representing the qualities and values a graduate of GMC should possess. On May 26, Wallace will graduate with a 3.79 GPA with an Associate of Science in General Studies. Wallace says this is a personal achievement he’s been waiting on for a long time.

“When I started working at GMC five years ago, I noticed that there were plenty of opportunities here,” said Jerry Wallace. “This is a personal achievement because when I left high school to go to mortuary school I was forced to leave mortuary school due to my sister having cancer at 30 and to help my family. This has been an experience. Taking classes online allowed me to work at my own pace.”

Wallace started out as part-time worker and worked his way up to become the Motorpool Supervisor at GMC’s Milledgeville campus. Wallace’s 8th grade son, Justin, attends GMC’s Prep School and was his biggest inspiration to continue his education. He also says his family was instrumental in supporting him to get his degree.

“My son is my biggest push to get my degree,” said Wallace. “I was talking to my kids one day about life and my son said “Dad you want us to have a degree, but you don’t have one.” I was like you’re right and I told him that before he graduates I’ll have a degree. He was my biggest motivation because I was preaching something that I hadn’t done yet.”

Wallace is currently enrolled in online classes to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies and Counseling.