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Jenna Bethea Brings Home the Silver Medal

Jenna Bethea Brings Home the Silver Medal The silver medal comes home with Jenna Bethea, from the Three-Position Air Rifle State Championships held at the Pool International Shooting Complex 10 Meter Range, at Ft. Benning, Georgia on April 14, 2012. There were fifteen teams and eight individual shooters competing during the course of the day. Lumpkin County took top honors in the State with a score of 1130-46. The possible total score is 1200, and the 46 represents the total number of ten’s the team shot. Madison County was second with a score of 1130-45 ten’s. The tie breaker is made with the number of combined ten’s the four person team has. Third place went to Luella High School with a score of 1126-44 ten’s. In the prone and kneeling positions the shooters had to shoot from tables. Usually these positions are shot on the floor of the range. Jenna had practiced many hours in her home range at Georgia Military College and scored a 98 prone, 95 standing and a 97 kneeling for a total score of 290, out of a possible 300. She had the second highest score of the day, which qualified her as one of the eight top shooters. The top eight shooters compete in a final shoot off that consists of ten shots in the standing position. Jenna shot a 9.1, 9.5, 9.3, 10.2, 10, 9.8, 8.7, 9.5, 9.3 and a 10 for a final score of 95.4. Combined with her 290, she had a total of 385.4, which gave her second place in the State of Georgia for GHSA Riflery. Charles Tritt, from Lumpkin County was the State of Georgia winner with a total of 390.6. In the individual competition, Charles shot an outstanding score of 99 in the standing position, for a total score of 291. Parker Mize of Madison County shot a 288 for a total of 383.5, giving him third place. According to Mr. Larry Pendergrass, Match Director, this is the first time Georgia Military College has won a medal in Georgia High School Association Riflery. Congratulations Jenna, on a well earned accomplishment.