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James Aycock, “The Motivist,” Motivates GMC-Augusta Students

James Aycock, "The Motivist," Motivates GMC-Augusta Students

On Thursday, September 12, motivational speaker and clothing company owner, James Aycock delivered on his tumultuous childhood before a standing-room-only crowd at the Augusta Campus of Georgia Military College.  Experiencing homelessness, parental incarceration and substance abuse, Aycock now thrives and uses his past to instill in others that they too can achieve the unthinkable.
Aycock was candid with his audience, giving listeners a glimpse of what he had to endure: 

“There’s a specific moment in my life, I was very young, probably around the age 6 or 7… I was playing the PlayStation 1, we were playing Rayman, with my brothers … there was a knock on the door… and this woman in a black tux was standing right in front of me, a couple minutes later, my mom’s leaving in handcuffs and we’re being taken to foster care.”

Bouts of unemployment and underemployment also plagued his family.  Aycock’s entire existence was marred by anxiety until he discovered motivational speaking and speakers who are helping him to realize his full potential.  He has used this information and these resources to give back to others, to provide them with insight and an education, hoping to be a catalyst in their own personal development, goal setting and growth. 
This 19-year-old has the strength and the desire to go on, and is successfully building his own brand. He says, “Okay life, I got you.  Come at me!  Why not me, why shouldn’t it be me, please give me a reason to inspire these kids more, let me overcome adversity again, and again, and again, my entire life!  ‘Cause if I get in these schools and I can share my story, I can change their lives too.”

A male student shared, “The speaker did a very effective job of relaying everyday situations and struggles and showing that no matter what the situation may be, there is always a way to overcome.  It definitely got me thinking about my future and what I want to accomplish in my life.”  A female student shared, “The speaker was very motivational to me!  He really inspired me because I have friends and family members that are going through similar things.  He will definitely help me to spread hope.  Really good job!  I hope to hear any motivational speaker like him again.”  For James, today was another step in paying it forward, making a difference and motivating others to do the same!  

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