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GMC Study Abroad Opportunities

GMC Study Abroad Opportunities

The second study abroad opportunity for GMC students took place in December 2008. Nine students enrolled in World Civilization II and earned college credit while spending three weeks studying and traveling in Switzerland. Assistant Professor Rob Sherwood conceived, planned, and conducted the class in Geneva, Switzerland. Mary Helen Davis assisted Mr. Sherwood as the second instructor.

Students stayed at the John Knox Center in Geneva where dorms, classroom space, and meals were provided for a cost of $2700. Cities visited include: Sion, Interlaken, Berne, Gruyeres, Monteux. Ste. Croix, Luzerne, Basel, Versailles, and a two day trip to Paris.

Versailles was the ideal location for students to discuss the French Revolution and the Versailles Peace Conference. Viewing the Swiss Alps prompted students to consider Germany’s decision not to invade Switzerland.

NOTE: Randy Elvidge at GMC Augusta directed the first study abroad experience when he took a group of students to San Salvador Island in the summer of 2008 for Marine Biology.