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GMC Prep’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy awarded $1,000 microgrant

(GMC Prep’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy)

The Chick-fil-A Leader Academy at GMC is receiving $1,000 to support a Baldwin County organization. A $1,000 microgrant from the Chick-fil-A Foundation was recently awarded to GMC to help fund their spring “Impact Project” with the Baldwin County Early Learning Center (BCELC).

“I think receiving this grant says a lot about our students,” said Scott Seagraves, GMC Prep’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Facilitator. “The Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is aimed at getting kids to “think out of the box” and explore their creative side about real life problems that people experience every day. It also gives our students an understanding in the meaning of “servant leadership”, and how their selfless service can help a community grow and flourish.”

The Chick-fil-A Foundation partners with Chick-fil-A Leader academies by providing microgrants for Impact Projects taking place in communities across the nation. This is the third year in a row that GMC Prep’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy has received $1,000; which is the largest microgrant offered by the foundation. There are currently 30-GMC preparatory school students who are members of the academy and their project this year will support nearly 300-students at the BCELC. This microgrant will be used to sponsor a Family Fun Day for the students and parents of the BCELC in May. Activities will include bounce houses, face painting, games, dancing, and food.

“Last year was the first year we were able to partner with the BCELC,” said Seagraves. “We were able to supply book bags, school supplies, and books. Some of those students are economically challenged so we’re able to supply them with at least some of their basic school supplies.”

Seagraves says they’re planning more fundraisers to help cover the costs for the Family Fun Day and are also encouraging the community to donate.

Members of GMC’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy
Rodney Amerson
Cory Bivins
Jacob Bright
Taylor Curtis
Reagan Dunn
Alyssa Easley
Hannah Goforth
Emily Hazel
Dean Kelleher
Abigail Kirkland
Megan Leben
Gage Mathews
William Peacock
Zach Spiler
Reagan Thornton
Caitlin Vinson
Lillie Williams
Simone Wilson
Aryana Lawson
Arleda Lawson
Chase Rauhut
Nick Trussell
Christian Tolentino
Andy Watkins
Julia Rojas
Fairlyn Hurt
Alex Bradley
Ciara Rice
Alexandra Burnette
Janelle Ward