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GMC Prep seniors develop leadership skills at ropes course

GMC’s Prep seniors cimbed the high ropes course known as the “The Tango Tower.”

On Wednesday, March 1, 26-GMC Prep Seniors developed their leadership skills at the ropes course on Georgia College & State University’s (GCSU) East Campus. The students climbed the high ropes course, known as “The Tango Tower,” which is composed of 12-different climbing courses.

“Our purpose at the outdoor center is to work with teams,” said Liz Speelman, Director of the Outdoor Center. The purpose is about working together. The high ropes course is more about individual self-confidence building, encouragement, and support.”

GMC Prep School’s Senior JROTC Army Instructor, COL David Lewis, says the ropes course builds confidence and teamwork amongst his students. He says those are important qualities and traits that are needed in everyday life.

“This is a physical event for them to develop confidence building and teamwork,” said COL David Lewis, GMC Prep School’s Senior JROTC Army Instructor. “You need to be confident in yourself and amongst those around you to know that you can do what’s required and then teamwork is needed in any organization. Teamwork helps an organization to run productively. So for this event, being able to trust others to assist you, while your life is in their hands, is a great thing for these students to experience. Most of these students are the senior leaders in the Battalion, so it gives them a chance to bond and come together as a team of leaders.”

Officials at GCSU’s Outdoor Center assisted GMC’s students on the ropes course. 

The high ropes course is designed to help students build confidence and teamwork.