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GMC Prep School Junior Auxiliary makes special delivery to veterans

Carrol Griffin and MAJ Amanda Mercer with GMC’s Prep School Junior American Legion Auxiliary.

On January 18, 12-members of GMC’s Prep School Junior American Legion Auxiliary made a special delivery to veterans at the Georgia War Veterans Home. During the monthly American Legion meeting held at the Georgia War Veterans Home, they delivered 90-wheelchair saddle bags to wheelchair bound residents. In order to purchase the bags, the members raised $1600 through their school’s “Poppy” dress down day before Memorial Day of last year. In order to participate in the dress down day, each student donated $5 to wear a red t-shirt and jeans instead of their regular JROTC uniforms. Auxiliary officials said this donation represents the purpose of their organization which is to serve veterans and active military families.

“Every year we’ve had more people involved and the kids just have a great time with it and there are lots of opportunities to learn how to be a better citizen, to give back to their community, and take care of the veterans that take care of us,” said MAJ Amanda Mercer, GMC Junior Auxiliary Sponsor.

American Legion officials said many of their residents expressed the need for more wheelchair saddle bags. The saddle bags allow wheelchair bound residents to carry their belongings, such as their bingo cards, back to their rooms.

“The veterans love them,” said Carrol Griffin, Local American Legion Auxiliary Unit 6 President. “When the girls walk in, the veterans light up like a Christmas tree. A lot of the veterans out here don’t have family nearby, so it’s like a part of their family is coming to visit.”

Legion officials are now working with the girls to develop another project to raise money for non-wheelchair bound residents.

(Members of GMC’s Prep School Junior Auxiliary pass out wheelchair saddle bags to wheelchair bound veterans.)

(The members also helped the veterans assemble the bags on their wheelchairs.)