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GMC Prep School announces Art Exhibit winners

GMC Prep School announces Art Exhibit winners

On May 7th, Georgia Military College (GMC) Prep School hosted an Art Exhibition featuring the GMC Prep School Jazz Band, as well as middle and high school second semester student artwork. For an hour, parents, students, and supporters of GMC Prep Fine Arts gathered in the Legislative Chambers to see the creativity the students portrayed in their artwork.

At the spring art exhibit, a variety of projects in a variety of mediums were displayed. The 6th graders created silhouette mosaics using cardboard to indicate a pose that describes them. The mosaic is made up of shaving cream and food coloring cut into a bunch of circles. Sixth graders also create watercolor paintings of the school, watercolor portraits, and Pastel and Black Glue Portraits.  The 7th graders have word collages, pastel shadow box drawings, Silver Scratchboard and multicolor scratch art. Eighth graders created one point perspective drawings of a room they designed, watercolor perspective paintings of a building on campus, linoleum carvings and prints. The 12th graders have pencil value drawings, photography, canvas paintings, and watercolor perspective paintings.

GMC Prep School Visual Arts Director, Paige Barlow, says the student put in a lot of hard work on these projects.

“The art student have been incredibly dedicated to a lot of different projects this semester but they’ve worked so hard on each one,” Barlow said. “Art takes time and patience and they are positively developing those traits. These students are so inspiring because they’re learning creative techniques and they’re applying them in a creative manner. It’s awesome to see those lessons come out through their art.”

Below is the list of winners from the art exhibit:

6th Grade:

Silhouette Mosaic with Shaving Cream and Food Coloring
1st Place Talaishia Hall – Partying – 6th grade
2nd Place Abigail Aycock – Cheering – 6th grade
3rd Place Nikki Cumba – Posing – 6th grade
4th Place Emma Kate Godin – Dancing – 6th grade
5th Place Avi Villarreal – Dancing 6th grade
6th Place Aaron Lightner – Starry Eyes – 6th grade

Cubistic Portraits with Black Glue and Pastels
1st Place Avi Villarreal – 6th grade
2nd Place Tyler Loerzel – 6th grade
3rd Place Emma Kate Godin – 6th grade
4th Place Joseph Rouseau – 6th grade
5th Place Kate Bentley – 6th grade
6th Place Nikki Cumba – 6th grade

Watercolor Portraits
1st Place  Alexis Waldroup – 6th grade
2nd Place Mikayla Barker – 6th grade
3rd Place Shelby Smith – 6th grade
4th Place Haley English – 6th grade
5th Place Kimora Farrar – 6th grade
6th Place Lana Wood – 6th grade

Watercolor Building on Campus
1st Place  Haley English – 6th grade
2nd Place   Kimora Farrar – 6th grade
3rd Place Bryceton Thompkins – 6th grade
4th Place Alexis Waldroup – 6th grade
5th Place Gracie McDade – 6th grade
6th Place  Kemyius Jackson – 6th grade

7th Grade:

Pastel Shadow Box Drawing
1st Place Wyatt Baugh – 7th grade
2nd Place Baylie Portwood – 7th grade
3rd Place Jocelyn Sanders – 7th grade
4th Place Maggie Parkman – 7th grade
5th Place Jayden Whitehead – 7th grade
6th Place Carlei Johnson – 7th grade

Word Collages
1st Place Caitlyn McCrary – 7th grade
2nd Place Nathan Simpson – 7th grade
3rd Place Lane McCant – 7th grade
4th Place Leah Jannakos – 7th grade
5th Place Katie Snow – 7th grade
6th Place Kenyon Shy – 7th grade

Silver Scratchboard Drawing
1st Place Nathan Simpson – 7th grade
2nd Place Wyatt Baugh – 7th grade
3rd Place Caitlyn McCrary – 7th grade
4th Place Madeline Sovereign – 7th grade
5th Place Jocelyn Sanders – 7th grade
6th Place Leah Jannakos – 7th grade

Multicolor Scratch Art
1st Place Nathan Simpson – 7th grade
2nd Place Leah Jannakos – 7th grade
3rd Place Jayden Whitehead – 7th grade
4th Place Caitlyn McCrary – 7th grade
5th Place Maggie Parkman – 7th grade
6th Place Baylie Portwood – 7th grade
8th Grade:

Initials Linoleum Carvings
1st Place   Blakely Abbott – 8th grade
2nd Place Alexis French – 8th grade
3rd Place Joshwelle dela Roma – 8th grade

Linoleum Carvings of  GMC Campus Buildings
1st Place Joshwelle dela Roma – 8th grade
2nd Place Matthew Rion – 8th grade
3rd Place Kathence Mooneyham – 8th grade
4th Place Tucker Herring – 8th grade

Room Drawing in One-Point Perspective
1st Place Branden Barlow – 8th grade
2nd Place Matthew Rion – 8th grade
3rd Place Blakely Abbott – 8th grade
4th Place Joshwelle del la Roma – 8th grade
5th Place Tiara Seals – 8th grade
6th Place Gabbriel Abbott – 8th grade


Cardinal Painting by Art Club
1st Place  Varun Patel – 7th grade
2nd Place Jessica Edwards – 9th grade
3rd Place William Steinfeld – 6th grade

Middle School ART CLUB Officers
Harshita Patel – President
Branden Barlow – Vice President
Joshwelle dela Rama – Secretary
Cameron Stevens – Treasurer

High School ART CLUB Officers and Charter Members
Khalifa Bonner – President
Caitlyn Barnes – Vice President
Tori Black – Secretary
Derek Oltermari – Treasurer
Nate Murray
Jessica Edwards
Nikki Stevens


Photography – High School Seniors
1st Place Blake Taylor – Vows Renewal
2nd Place Ivey Brown – Eiffel Tower – 9th grade
3rd Place Lindy Johnston – Reflection
4th Place Alyssa Dunn – Young Life
5th Place Tyler Johnson – Boss Playing Ball
6th Place Natalie Williams – Mermaid Territory

Pencil Value Drawings – High School Seniors
1st Place Arleda Lawson – Hairstyle
2nd Place Aspen Popowski – Lady with a Hat
3rd Place Nick Griffin – Sports
4th Place Lindy Johnston – Rose in a Glass Vase
5th Place Aryanna Lawson – Braids
6th Place Allie Kauzlarich – Little Mermaid  

Pencil and Watercolor Perspective Paintings
1st Place Cory Bivins – 12th grade
2nd Place Aspen Popowski – 12th grade
3rd Place Jada Warren – 8th grade
4th Place Aryanna Lawson – 12th grade
5th Place Garrett Kauzlarich – 8th grade
6th Place Arleda Lawson – 12th grade

1st Place Nikki Stevens – Cat – 11th grade
2nd Place Caroline Charnes – Mermaid – 10th grade
3rd Place Brian Payne – Eels in the Sea – 8th grade
4th Place Caroline Charnes – Surfboards – 10th grade

Acrylic Canvas Paintings – High School –Seniors
1st Place Kristin Dennard – Dog  BEST IN SHOW
2nd Place Arleda Lawson – My Ancestry
3rd Place Blake Taylor – Bull Elk at Sunset
4th Place Aryanna Lawson – Hair Universe
5th Place Cory Bivins – Chief Nochahomer
6th Place Aspen Popowski – Desert Flower