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GMC Prep presents Usery Ribbon to 8th grade students

(91-eighth grade students were presented with the Usery Ribbon in remembrance of The Honorable W.J. "Bill" Usery, Jr.)

On Monday, October 2, 91-Eighth grade students in Georgia Military College’s Prep School were awarded the Usery Ribbon in honor of The Honorable W. J. “Bill” Usery, Jr. The Usery Ribbon is included as a gift through the Usery Legacy Fund and is only presented to 8th grade students who successfully reviewed and discussed a biography pamphlet about the life and service of Secretary Usery. The Usery Ribbon symbolizes the first part of the GMC slogan “Duty-Honor-Country” and “Character Above All.” GMC’s President, LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, pinned a ribbon on each 8th grade student.

(General Caldwell pins a ribbon on each 8th grade student.)

The following was stated during the pinning ceremony:

“By the authority of LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College, the Georgia Military College Prep School Class of 2022 is hereby awarded the initial Usery Ribbon.  Symbolic of the life and legacy of The Honorable W.J. Usery, Jr., Prep School alumnus and former United States Secretary of Labor, the ribbon represents GMC’s core values of “Duty-Honor-Country” and “Character Above All”.  Cadets have completed a reading and discussion of the life of Secretary Usery and are authorized to wear this ribbon throughout the remainder of their career at Georgia Military College Preparatory School.”

(The Usery Ribbon)