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GMC Prep JROTC earns Honor Unit with Distinction

The GMC Prep School JROTC Program recently completed their JROTC Program for Accreditation (JPA) and earned the highest rating: Honor Unit with Distinction.  The 2nd Battalion JROTC Cadets were evaluated by 2 inspectors from higher headquarters at 6th Brigade on Hunter Army Airfield, GA.  The battalion scored a 97.3 out of 100 possible points and the results of the assessment mean that GMC Prep’s JROTC program will continue to be officially recognized as an Honor Unit with Distinction and our high school cadets will continue to wear the Gold Star on their uniforms.

The high school cadets have been diligently preparing for the upcoming JPA inspection, which determines whether the school gets to keep its ranking of Honor Unit with Distinction. The JPA marked the culmination of much hard work by the 2nd Battalion leadership who began preparing for the event in June 2015.  The Class of 2016, led by C/LTC Calli McMullen, and her staff of seniors in leadership positions, did an outstanding job.  They were truly instrumental in the JPA success as they designed school improvement and service learning projects, carried them out, and presented a formal briefing to the two inspectors.  Also, the entire 2nd Battalion had their uniforms inspected, several cadets from 9th – 12th grade had their Cadet Portfolios inspected, and our Color Guard and Raider platoon performed exceptionally well during their assessments.

With the help of the school’s fantastic JROTC instructors, hard work and plenty of studying, the cadets passed the assessment with flying colors. The cadet leadership’s briefing of their service learning project and the cadet portfolios received a perfect score!

Congratulations to the 2nd Battalion JROTC; we are so proud of you!!