GMC News

GMC-Milledgeville and Prep School open tomorrow

Classes will resume Wednesday, September 13,  for Georgia Military College's Milledgeville campus and its Prep School at normal hours.

Prep School

  • Dress is jeans and a GMC T-shirt for students, faculty, and staff for tomorrow and on Thursday.
  • It is understood that given power outages and property damage some homework may not be completed and students will NOT be penalized for not having the work done tomorrow. Faculty will reassess when it is reasonable to have the work turned in at a later date. NO tests/quizzes will be given to students tomorrow.

Junior College

  • Classes will resume at normal hours
  • Our cafeteria is open and is serving a hot breakfast for anyone that would like to arrive early and eat on campus.
  • If a parent has a safety concern for their child, or a college student has made the same assessment, then they will need to report it to the school and it will be an understandable absence.