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GMC Jenkins Hall Receives Award from The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Georgia Military College Jenkins Hall Receives Statewide Preservation Award from
Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Georgia Military College (GMC) is honored to receive one of only 24 Statewide Preservation Awards from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. On Friday, April 17, 2020, GMC was awarded the Excellence in Rehabilitation Award for their work on the historic preservation and renovation of Jenkins Hall.

In 1926, what is now known as Jenkins Hall, City Elementary School opened on the southwest corner of Capitol Square. The building was eventually purchased by GMC, and for many years was affectionately known as “Little GMC.” The building has served more than five generations of residents in the Milledgeville and Baldwin County community. GMC Prep School moved out of the 18,269 square foot building in 2010 when Usery Hall opened. The College ROTC department and GMC Bookstore were located in Jenkins Hall until 2017. After that, it became clear the Prep School needed more space, so GMC requested and received state bond funds to renovate and modernize Jenkins Hall, bringing it into compliance with current building and life safety codes.

GMC and its architect, Frye Design Group, worked extensively with the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, a division of the Department of Natural Resources, to determine the allowed and required restoration steps for the historic structure. Garbutt Construction Company and the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission worked tremendously hard on the construction of Jenkins Hall. The interior of Jenkins Hall has been restored to the original ten-classroom floor plan, and the exterior to its original appearance—now being able to serve GMC Prep School students for many years to come.

GMC Board of Trustees Chairman, Randy New, attended “Little GMC” when he was in school. He says being able to be a part of its restoration has brought back many memories.

“I went to ‘Little GMC’ when I was a boy, and now my grandchildren are going to attend the same school,” New said. “They’re going to get to see and experience some of the same things that I did, some of the things I remember most about that building, and for me that’s pretty special to be able to share with them. I am blown away by the end result of this project. It’s a beautiful tribute to the history that this building shares with the community.”

Jeff Gray, Vice President of Engineering at GMC, says receiving the Excellence in Rehabilitation Award is the icing on cake for this project.

“Jenkins Hall holds a special place in the hearts of our alumni and the citizens of Milledgeville,” Gray said. “It was important to restore Jenkins Hall to its former beauty, while bringing it into compliance with modern building codes so that it can serve future generations. We have toured many former students and they love the restored building, its transom windows, and the fact the original floor still exists with most of its creaks.”

GMC Prep School Principal, Pam Grant, says it’s a dream come true to have Jenkins Hall restored.

“I have been so blessed to spend my entire professional career at GMC Prep School and for me, it all began in Jenkins Hall,” Grant said. “The difference between Jenkins Hall then and now is nothing short of miraculous. There are no words to express how thankful I am to see Jenkins Hall beautifully restored to its original glory, and most importantly, to know that for many years to come we are going to be able to ‘Develop the Intellect and Elevate the Character’ of even more students in this beautifully rehabilitated building.”

Thank you to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation for awarding Georgia Military College the 2020 Excellence in Rehabilitation Award for the transformation of Jenkins Hall.

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