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GMC in Support of Speed Monitoring Program

Georgia Military College in Support of Speed Monitoring Program

Providing a safe environment for our students is a top priority at Georgia Military College Prep School. GMC Prep is aware of the traffic study conducted by the City of Milledgeville Police Department and RedSpeed, and is in full support of the proposed installation of a speed monitoring program in the GMC Prep school zone.

Earlier this year, the City of Milledgeville approved GMC’s proposed Road Diet Plan, to restructure a stretch of Elbert Street in GMC’s school zone, in an effort to ensure drivers abide by posted speed limits in the area pedestrians frequent most. Georgia Military College Board of Trustees Chairman Randy New, says having speed monitoring cameras installed will enhance the work of the Road Diet Plan.

“We’ve done a lot of work in bringing our Road Diet Plan to fruition and those changes to Elbert Street are crucial in keeping our students safe,” said New. “These new cameras will help enhance the safety of not only our students, but the community, making the Elbert Street stretch even safer. When drivers see the restructuring of Elbert Street through the Road Diet Plan, and the cameras too, they’ll slow down and that’s our goal.”

Georgia Military College President William B. Caldwell, IV, agrees, saying these cameras will complement the work GMC is doing to keep its students safe.

“We welcome anything that will make drivers adhere to posted speed limits near our school,” Caldwell said. “The safety of our students and community is our top priority at GMC, and the installation of a speed monitoring program would greatly help in keeping our students safe. Our goal is for drivers and pedestrians alike to pay more attention when traveling through our school zone.”